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About Us

Let’s talk about lil' notre

lil' notre was formed in 2016 by a group of Indonesian Mothers and Aunts who were concerned that the traditional fabrics of the country were to be lost to the future generation. At the time, their children and grandchildren wore the hand-drawn and stamped materials of batik and tenun only as formal or ceremonial outfits. This glorious cotton was saved for temple visits where worshippers adorn the children to make offerings to the Gods. It wasn’t worn everyday and as a result, production of the bold colours and patterns began to dwindle. Hence the concept  for lil' notre was born. It means “Our little ones”  and is a collaboration between Indonesian designers and fabric makers to bring the spiritual, detailed craft of batik and tenun into the modern day.
Thus the team at lil' notre began to design, then lovingly craft a range of vibrant baby wear, children’s and junior wear using ‘one of a kind’ handmade fabrics sourced from villages and islands across the Indonesian archipelago.
The production of every meter of this beautiful material is a precision skill involving weaving and dyeing, then canting by hand or stamping the cloth. Once complete the fabric is shipped to Java and crafted into fine pieces of children wear for little ones around the globe.
At lil' notre we pride ourselves on honoring the care of our fabric makers with only the highest quality, comfortable tailoring and design. Our aim is to supply mothers with affordable, culturally conscious, sustainable and stylish children clothing for their precious little ones.So welcome, and thank you for visiting lil' notre. When you buy our kids clothing online you not only support our designers in Java, but the batik craftswomen of Indonesia.
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