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We’re in love with the ethnic beauty of Indonesian fabric, and it’s an honour to support the craftswomen of this stunning country. We source handwoven and loom fabrics from villages and small islands across the Indonesian archipelago - then craft them into exquisite pieces of clothing for little ones.








Li’l Notre’s cotton fabrics are sourced from all over Indonesia. We visit Java, East Sumba, Central Java, Bali, Jepara and even Nusa Tenggara to find cotton that is 100% pure, light, easy to wash, good for wearing in all types of weather and resistant to fading! Our cotton is a credit to the warm climate and nutrient-rich soil of Indonesia. These fabrics are characterised by a strong thread which is easy to set, clean and very flexible in its raw form. There are many grades of pure cotton fabric, but we select the right thickness for each design. Then the fabric is woven, hand drawn or stamped with BATIK or IKAT motifs. After that we cook the fabric to melt the wax and ensure that the fabric holds the bright, bold colours and patterns that lil’ notre kids love.



Handmade Fabrics

Wherever possible we source handmade fabrics. Most textile companies use machine looms to create these, but every season we try to feature at least one thin ATBM fabric which is made with a hand-driven loom. We also used tenun lurik fabrics from Central Java which are handmade on a machine wooden machine. It’s an amazing and painstaking process to watch.







Our Tenun range includes both Tenun Ikat fabrics from Bali or Jepara and Tenun Lurik fabrics which are woven in Yogyakarta. Each village or city has a different thread and style of Tenun. Weavers spin the cotton, make the dyes from natural products and design motifs that represent the cosmos. There are both silk and cotton Tenun fabrics in different thicknesses. Tenun is a stunning part of the IKAT family but it’s a style of fabric under threat from fast growing manufacturers who prefer to use machines.






Tenun Lurik

The Javanese use the term Tenun Lurik to describe fabrics that are created with handwoven stripes. They are simple in appearance but rich with meaning and were once commonly worn during religious rituals. Traditional Lurik fabrics are weaved in slightly subdued base colours with brighter lines interspersed across the pattern. The motifs and patterns of Lurik are imbued with advice, ideals and expectations for the wearer, making this fabric a meaningful and wise gift for little ones.

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